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energyHQ shall strive to become a central, leading & (most importantly) trusted platform by providing its audience (readers & subscribers) – which shall be composed primarily of business owners and decision makers – with cutting-edge high-quality latest trends, news, information, and data pertaining to the energy industry (natural gas, petroleum, coal, nuclear and renewable sectors) and its promotional partners (clients) with 360° & holistic high-impact exposure provided via its multi-media channels which include a magazine, a website, events, newsletters, email & social.

energyHQ shall enjoy a close partnership with leading energy-related event organizers, worldwide, where it shall aim to hold the status of official, regional, or supporting media platform in major energy-industry events. Bonus copies of energyHQ magazine issues & material pertaining to its other media channels shall be distributed to exhibitors, visitors & conference attendees.

Our aim is that energyHQ audience (readers, subscribers & users) shall rely on it as a reliable new source and reference whereby its partners (clients) shall consider it as their trusted promotional platform of choice to have maximum exposure achieved to their products & services, thus increasing their market penetration and share!

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